Schoolwires and Project Tomorrow present: Communicating with Digital Parents - Recorded Event

Schoolwires and Project Tomorrow present: Communicating with Digital Parents

A new group of digitally-proactive parents is emerging in K-12 school communities and driving the demand for more effective use of technology in the classroom and in school-to-home connections. Meet the new digital parents — already a cohort sizeable enough not to be ignored. In fact, key data markers from Project Tomorrow’s 2012 Speak Up survey indicate that 37% of parents of K-12 students fit the profile of the new digital parent.

Let us introduce you! Join us for 30 minutes of ground breaking research on digital parents and how they’re driving change in K-12 schools. We’ll discuss:

  • Key characteristics and technology behaviors of digital parents
  • How they’ll influence the way your district connects, communicates and collaborates with parents
  • Steps you can take now to better connect with digital parents

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Julie Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Project Tomorrow

Julie Evans has been CEO of Project Tomorrow, one of the nation’s leading education nonprofit organizations, since 1999. She developed the Speak Up National Research Project in 2003 and has served as the chief researcher on this project. Previously, Ms. Evans enjoyed a 17-year career in national and regional sales and marketing management with Unisys and two education technology startups. She is a graduate of Brown University and serves on the Board of Directors of Project Tomorrow, the TechAmerica Foundation Board, and the TechSETS Advisory Board, and just recently completed a term on the ISTE Board. Ms. Evans was named in April 2008 as one of the Top Ten Most Influential People in Education Technology over the past 10 years by eSchool News.

Irene Afek, Coordinator of Elementary Programs, Voorhees Township Public Schools, New Jersey

Irene Afek is the Coordinator of Elementary Programs for the Voorhees Township Public Schools in New Jersey. Mrs. Afek served the district for many years as a Technology Specialist and as an English as Second Language teacher. In the early 1980s she was involved in data driven decision making, which incorporated early technology use and pedagogy, for the Ministry of Education in Israel.Since that time, she has trained staff and students on how to best use technology tools to enhance and enrich learning. Today, she plans and administers communication programs that allow students, staff and parents to be part of a vibrant educational community.

It's time you meet the NEW DIGITAL PARENT

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Meet the new digital parents

A new group of digitally-proactive parents is emerging within the K-12 school community. Meet the new digital parents and find out how they’re driving change in the classroom and in school-to-home communications.

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Communicating with digital parents

Today’s digital parents are driving change in the way K-12 school districts think about communication. Watch now to learn more about how and where to reach digital parents and what they want in school-to-home communication.

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Involving digital parents in digital learning

In this session, we find out how digital parents are advocating for more effective use of technology in the classroom to personalize learning. We also explore real-world examples of how other K-12 districts are involving parents in digital learning.

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Exploring digital parents’ vision for 21st century learning

How you measure success when it comes to using technology for education will be largely determined by how well your vision aligns with that of digital parents. Find out what digital parents want and how to create a shared vision for digital tools in 21st century learning.

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The Schoolwires Story

Schoolwires is dedicated to K-12 education, and to the people who are part of every local school community — students, families, teachers, administrators, and supporters of education. From the beginning, we’ve believed that a successful school district is a product of total community involvement. That’s why our mobile and Web-based solutions are expressly designed to connect K-12 communities with the information, services and people they need to achieve their district goals. For more than 10 years, our intuitive technologies have been helping administrators and educators, students and parents, communicate and collaborate like never before — to come together around success.

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