Joplin Schools’ resiliency shines on their communications hub.

In May of 2011, the city of Joplin, Missouri was struck by a horrific EF-5 tornado that destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. It took the lives of 161 people, including seven Joplin Schools students and one staff member. The financial damages to district buildings were in excess of $100 million.

But this isn’t a story about tragedy. It’s a story of resiliency and how Joplin Schools is able to share ongoing progress on their rebuilding efforts with improved communication tools.

Summary of key points:


  • Staff was not updating prior website because it was difficult and time consuming—information was stale
  • Parents were not accessing the site because it was difficult to navigate—critical information was not getting through
  • Poor service and support from prior hosting provider led to outages and costly communication delays

Schoolwires solutions

  • Multiple methods of communicating information—headlines, announcements, photos, videos, social media integration
  • Smooth, organized implementation process
  • Training and content migration assistance


  • Successful local, regional, and national communication efforts
  • Stakeholders have confidence in timeliness and accuracy of district’s information and resources
  • Ability to tell their story of resilience, progress, and success

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