Why is a mobile app important for your district?

  • 91% of American adults own a cell phone
  • 81% of adults 25-34 own a smartphone

Mobile devices are how your parents, families, and community are getting information about your schools and district.

Be sure you can meet their mobile needs. Three reasons Schoolwires should be your choice for a district mobile app:

  1. Schoolwires is 100% focused on K-12 district communications – our teams are locked into the needs of districts and their families.
  2. Keep your technology current. When Apple™ or Google™ introduce a new operating system, or when Schoolwires enhances our app, your users have the updates pushed to them with no extra work required or fees due from your district.
  3. Keep the app updated without additional work. The mobile app stays updated with RSS feeds from your website and from Facebook and Twitter posts that your district is already creating. Once your app is configured, there is no need to update multiple places.

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