The key to Noblesville Schools community engagement?

Third time’s the charm.

In the past seven years, Noblesville Schools in Indiana presented three different websites to their community—the first one was built in-house and quickly the district outgrew it. The second website was through a provider that did not live up to the district’s expectations, especially after it was bought out by a larger company. It was time to make a move. But this time, the district was not going to settle.

Summary of key points:


  • Significant downtime—websites crashed often due to traffic volume
  • Slow hosting—previous vendor’s hardware/server issues
  • Vendor bought out by another company—didn’t support or develop new software

Schoolwires Solutions

  • 99.9% reliable uptime
  • Upgrades to platform throughout the year—invest in the product
  • Mobile-friendly with Responsive Web design and downloadable mobile app


  • Visitors love the look and ease of navigation
  • No stability issues, even with heavy site traffic
  • Managing content is easy
  • Support is quick and friendly

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