Reach everyone you need with Schoolwires Outreach family notification suite

Communication is one of the most important functions for every K-12 district. Especially when it comes to making sure families and your community are informed of critical situations, news, events, and school closings.

But district communication departments are stretched thin. More communication channels mean more work getting messages out, typically with fewer resources with which to work.

One solution is to help you create once and publish everywhere. With new digital solutions from Schoolwires, your stretched communications department can easily reach every audience and make sure your district is prepared when a message needs to get out, quickly.

With Schoolwires Outreach, you can instantly notify your entire community, through any medium, on virtually any platform, via one source. And it’s designed to save you time, empowering you to create one message for delivery across all your communication channels. With our solution, you can even send the message from your smartphone.

Talk with one of our consultants today and learn more about how Schoolwires Outreach can help your communications team do more with less.

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