Schoolwires integration story

The Schoolwires integration story

What it means for parents, teachers and students

Schoolwires® Centricity2™ website and content management system makes it easy for parents, teachers and students to get the information that’s most relevant to them as soon as they log in. And because Centricity2 is flexible and works with other compatible technologies, you can update, add or change software systems whenever you need to, making the most of your technology investment.

Schoolwires integration story

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Summary of key points:

  • Schoolwires integration services give parents, students and teachers easy access to online information and resources
  • With just a single login and password, teachers and staff can access Web applications they use every day, including Student Information Systems, grade books and study sites.
  • Personal portal and dashboard lets students, parents and teachers choose and view the information that’s most important to them all in one place, as soon as they log in.
  • Seamless integration with other compatible systems, data and third-party applications ensure you can add new and compatible technologies whenever you need them.

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Schoolwires integration services are all about providing the people who rely on your website with easy access to the information they need — without having to hunt for it, go to a different URL, or log in more than once. Download to read the Schoolwires integration story.