Training teachers on a dime

Panama-Buena Vista Unified School District

In 2013, Panama-Buena Vista Unified School District’s new superintendent made a bold declaration–“We’re going 1-to-1. And we’re going big with 6,000 laptops to be distributed to students.” Once the laptops were purchased and infrastructure in place, it was evident that there was a gap to fill. With 23 schools, 18,000 students, 900 teachers, and only three support staff, how would they ensure training and support was meeting everyone’s needs across the district?

Summary of key points:


  • Only three support staff
  • Costly, behemoth 3-ring curriculum binders
  • Inconsistent training across 23 sites

The solution:

  • A new subsite added to the district website


  • Printing savings of $8,000
  • 6,000 views each month
  • Consistent, uniform training
  • A resource for surrounding districts and the County Office of Education

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