When website outsourcing really means webmaster empowerment

Webmasters lead a busy intersection of information that serves a cross section of important needs: school board minutes and superintendent messages, weather and emergency alerts, school calendars and lunch menus for parents, and information for prospective community members. Your audience is a populace of parents, students, education advocates, and educators alike who are savvy and expect to be informed.

If you ask any parent, the information at their fingertips is the most valuable information on the planet. How can you not only maintain and keep pace with the growing workload demands, but lead the branding and voice of your community?

Summary of key points:

  • Using CMS tools and functionality to share responsibilities of content publishing and editing
  • Catering to your needs, such as website design, implementation, hosting, staff training, and mobile communications
  • Delivering reliable solutions that allow you to share real-time, credible information with your K-12 community

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